Project Management

“Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”  --Will Rogers

Projects come in many sizes and flavors.  However big or small, simple or complex, innovative or proven, they all have one thing in common: delivery.  Projects are simply artificial structures around cost, time, and quality that aim to deliver a desired result.  VHD specializes in information technology projects ranging from small, creative web sites to larger enteprise-scale integration.  We prefer Agile/Scrum iterative approaches for projects that innovate and use new technology, but can also drive more traditional PMBOK-based projects when the path is pretty well beaten.

Aside from schedule, budget, and acceptable work product, the impact of and to people cannot be uderstated.  Projects comprise teams of individuals be they direct participants or interested stakeholders.  Often hidden in the delivery process are the countless contributions of people and managing their ability to relate to and appreciate the outcomes of projects is a critical success factor.  Additionally, while following a plan and delivery often results in satisfaction, that achievement can be soured if the benefits of a project are not ultimately realized.  VHD will help build an post-implementation evaluation model so that you will be able to confirm the value of the project over time.

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